It is said that BioWare "try to" make "Star Wars: Old Republic

  • Considering the recent news that EA has cancelled the much-anticipated open-world game that has been going on for years, Star Wars is the conversation of almost everyone in the gaming community. While continuing to cancel the cancellation, it seems that another developer under EA's thumb is trying to get back to its swing - but be aware of it.

    This is Kotaku's Jason Schreier breaking the initial news of the recent cancellation, but obviously this is not the only news that can't take off. BioWare is known for its amazing performance on the Star Wars universe, and apparently has been trying to get the Knights of the Old Republic to rise and run multiple times - but apparently progress has never made any progress. But interest in players buying SWTOR Credits seems to be on the rise.

    As a big fan of BioWare's online Star Wars adventure, I would love to see the third part of this team. The characters are fascinating, the story is fascinating, and the gameplay is addictive. Since the niche of Star Wars seems to have a strange vacuum, EA continues to be hit hard, and because of another cancellation, perhaps the potential storyboard of KotOR 3 will eventually be pushed. Of course, after Anthem and Dragon Age 4.

    EA did respond to every guess about cancellation, but basically didn't say much. The strange avoidance statement seems to only irritate fans. “One of our SWTOR Credits EU projects was guessed overnight,” their statement began. “As part of the creative team, our team of talented people continues to work in Vancouver, and this project may evolve into future Star Wars content and games.”