What will be the chances that Chris Pressley joins the Bengals

  • The answer fot it real question is determined by Cincinnati's overall impression with tight end Alex Smith. Currently Smith is portion of Cincinnati's run package, specifically during short-yardage opportunities like a third tight end (sometimes as an H-back). According to Pro Football Focus' grading scale, Smith supplies the highest overall blocking score (pass and run) among all from Madden NFL Overdrive Coins the group's tight ends; although sample dimensions are restricted to only 63 offensive snaps.
    So why contemplating suggesting Smith in lieu of Orson Charles?
    That may very well be an admission of failure. Despite his contributions, Smith can be a free agent the c's signed two weeks prior for your NFL draft, designed to produce Cincinnati depth. Charles became a fourth-round pick which the group publicly described on Buy Madden NFL Overdrive Coins Hard Knocks as as a converting H-back.
    There are two questions that ought for being asked to answer this question.
    One, is Pressley even healthy enough to play with all the Bengals next year? As a player for your Physically Unable to Perform list, if Pressley hasn't practiced by November 19, the c's will probably be expected to cut him or place him on season-ending Injured Reserve (theoretically, they're in a position to do that now, provided which they's cleared by doctors).