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What is it Like to Own a German Shepherd?

  • What is it like to own a German Shepherd? It's an exciting experience, though not without its problems. What dog lover hasn't had the German Shepherd dream before? You know, running through a field of wild German Shepherds, playing with your German Shepherd puppy, or even just cuddling on the couch with a German Shepherd!

    The German Shepherd is one of the most loyal dogs to people they know, and German Shepherds are fiercely protective. German Shepherds can also be very stubborn at times, but GSDs need human leadership, or they will become unruly and unmanageable.

    Do You Want German Shepherd Puppies? The German Shepherd is a gregarious animal, despite their somewhat unsociable reputations. German Shepherds who don't get enough exercise become very high-strung and can be destructive to themselves and their surroundings. German Shepherds are gregarious animals, but they need human leadership or become unruly and unmanageable. German Shepherds also have a secret desire to be lap dogs, despite their reputation for being large guard dogs.  (Credit Information: SmithFarms German Shepherds)

    GSD Characteristics

    The German Shepherd dog has many different characteristics. Some of these include:

    German Shepherds are known for how well trainable they are. They are ranked in the top 10 most intelligent dogs. They are easy to train, and German Shepherds look for approval from their owners.

    German Shepherd dogs will bond with the family that they live with. They will be very loyal to the German Shepherd dog's family, but German Shepherds can be aloof towards people who are not one of their own unless they meet the German Shepherd dogs they have been introduced to.

    German Shepherds are very fast, and German Shepherds will run at speeds up to 29 miles per hour.

    German Shepherds are one of the topmost beautiful dogs in America. This is because German Shepherds are very smooth: they have shiny German Shepherd's jackets, floppy ears, and beautiful German Shepherd dog eyes.

    German Shepherds are scent hounds. This means they will use their noses to find the game. German Shepherd's noses are very moist and have 100 million German Shepherd scent cells.

    German Shepherds are very agile dogs, for they will be able to jump over high obstacles.

    German Shepherds love to protect their owners due to their very protective nature.

    German Shepherds are very dogs except when they are fighting German Shepherds or when they feel like their family is in trouble.

    German Shepherd Training

    Owning a German Shepherd dog is a huge responsibility. This breed of domestic canine is known for its incredible intelligence, athletic ability, and good looks. They are loyal companions to those they love, making them excellent guard dogs. These dogs require extensive exercise and training due to their working heritage as police or military canines. The German Shepherd also tends to be dominant over other dogs, making socialization and German Shepherd training a priority.

    The German Shepherd is an intelligent breed of canine with an instinct for German Shepherd protection work. This means German Shepherd owners must make a firm commitment to training protocols, socialization programs, and exercises. If German Shepherd training is ignored, the owners risk a German Shepherd with a severe case of serious aggression.

    In addition to German Shepherd training, practical German Shepherd socialization efforts are also crucial for this breed. German Shepherd puppies are adorable, but German Shepherds become very aggressive chewers after eight weeks of age. The German Shepherd puppy needs to learn proper German Shepherd manners so it does not cause severe damage to household items.

    The German Shepherd needs German Shepherd socialization with people, other German Shepherds, and German Shepherd puppies. The German Shepherd must learn German Shepherd etiquette and German Shepherd propriety, and German Shepherd German Shepherds should be introduced to German Shepherds that they might encounter in the future.

    As with any breed of dog, German Shepherds need plenty of physical exercises daily to stay fit. German Shepherds need the training to cull boredom or from German Shepherd destructive behaviors that could destroy German Shepherd home.

    The Bottom Line

    German Shepherd Training is key to owning a happy, healthy dog. A German Shepherd with no training is a significant, furry liability you will regret - an unguided missile that will destroy your peace, harmony, and everything you hold dear. Be prepared before you take a dog into your home. Untrained German Shepherds will turn your life upside down, so know how to treat your dog well or look forward to your hell trip.

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