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5 Important Safety Tips for Kids When Riding Electric Scooters

  • When growing up, it is important for kids to engage themselves in some sort of physical activity while having fun at the same time. Electric scooters for kids have emerged as a safe and kid-friendly mode of transport that can provide them with the skills necessary in early life development. However, kids require guidance from parents or caretakers who must take some extra precautions. Electric scooters for kids is a hobby that requires some level of parental supervision or guidance from elders.

    To ensure that kids have a fun and productive session with their scooters, parents and guardians have to enforce certain safety measures. (Information source: https://sxcscooters.com/)

    1. Inspect the scooter beforehand

    Every parent or guardian should inspect the electric scooter before allowing kids to use them. The scooter should be age-appropriate and made especially for kids. They should thoroughly check the condition of the wheels and the main body before kids take them outdoors.

    2. Wearing safety gear

    It is imperative that parents and guardians inculcate the habit of wearing safety gear in young adults as soon as they start riding electric scooters. Wearing a helmet is one of the most basic safety tips for riding a two-wheeler, not just for kids. It serves as an extra layer of protection that can prevent any fatal impact on the head.  Other safety apparels such as knee pads, elbow pads, and eyewear are necessary for protecting kids from scratches and fractures.

    3. Supervising the area

    Unlike adults, kids require guidance on where and where not to use their electric scooters. Guardians and parents have to ensure that the area they are going to use their scooters is clear and safe for passing through.  They should be extra attentive if the area is near a busy street with regular traffic.

    4. Telling kids to focus

    Parents and guardians should always remind kids about the dangers of not focusing while riding. Any distraction can lead to painful accidents. They should always remain calm and keep their eyes firmly on the road while travelling on an electric scooter.

    5. Riding alone

    Electric scooters are meant to be used one person at a time. Although kids might find it fun to take another friend along for the ride, this practice should be discouraged by parents and guardians at every instance.  They are made for a single person with a specific weight limit. Having another person on the scooter can seriously compromise the steering and direction while riding.


    It is always fun and exciting for kids to learn new hobbies and parents should always encourage it. However, parents and guardians have the responsibility to implement and remind kids about practising the above safety tips. As much as every parent wants their kids to enjoy doing their favourite hobbies, the above safety precautions aren’t meant to be taken for granted.  There are several electric scooter manufacturers that offer specially designed electric scooters for kids at affordable prices.