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How to Choose an Industrial Workbench: Types and Benefits

  • For the manufacturing and logistics sectors, the importance of having a productive yet safe environment is crucial. Having an industrial workbench thus seems to be common equipment in most warehouses and manufacturing sites. These workbenches are essential for assembling tasks as well as storing tools and supplies. While workbenches made for industrial purposes can be designed in a variety of ways, the benefits that come with these are similar. But before diving into the many benefits of installing a workbench, let’s take a look at the common types that are prevalent in the market today. (Information source: https://www.rdm-ind.com/industrial-workbenches/)

    Types of industrial workbench 

    • Portable Workbench

    The portability factor of these benches comes with their light and compact size. These collapsible benches can usually be inserted into workstations as well, where a permanent work surface isn’t required. Ideal for manual work, these portable workbenches come with clamps that help them move around easily. 

    • Laboratory Workbench

    This type of workbench is specifically designed for handling specific chemical and biological work that typically takes place in a lab. Laboratory workbenches usually feature fuel and water sources that are often required for certain experiments. 

    • Cleanroom Workbench

    In order to meet the requirements and standards of a cleanroom, these types of workbenches are specifically designed. Common surfaces that are used for these benches are stainless steel, plastic, or aluminum since they can be easily cleaned, are anti-corrosive, and are resistant to solvents and chemicals. 

    • Adjustable Height Workbench

    When it comes to working with a team on the same project at the same time, adjustable height tables prove to be an excellent alternative. By using hydraulic handles, these benches can be adjusted according to the preferred height of the user, as their name implies. 

    • Stainless Steel Workbench

    Stainless steel workbenches are often the go-to option for most industrial purposes since they are easy to clean, and resistant to corrosion, heat, and a certain amount of impact and bending. The versatility and durability of these benches are what make them preferred for most activities. 

    Why use industrial workbenches in your workplace?

    They are durable 

    In an industrial setting, it is crucial for a piece of equipment to be able to withstand the harsh environment and requirements that come with manufacturing different kinds of products. As a result, these workbenches typically include a protective material such as resin to withstand frequent spillage of harsh solvents, alcohol, chemicals, and other substances.

    Industrial workbenches can also withstand a certain degree of impact and stress that can be seen in a busy warehouse on a daily basis. Whenever it comes to using workbenches for industrial purposes, the durability factor plays a major role since it is one of the most important aspects needed in a workbench. 

    They are ideal for supporting tools

    The primary reason behind the preference for workbenches is that they support most the applications that include large tools and equipment. Most industrial benches are used for assembly, finishing, or repairing a component. Heavy-duty benches are also highly efficient for holding a significant amount of weight and are designed to withstand the heavy equipment that is often required for daily tasks. 

    They are ergonomic

    As much as it is important to consider the productivity factor, considering the safety issues of the employees is similarly important in a workplace. Workbenches made specifically for industrial purposes are ergonomic, which enables employees to work efficiently and in a more productive manner. For example, many workstations come with adjustable heights, which contribute to the overall efficacy of the workplace.   


    Despite the common benefits of being durable, easy to maintain, heavy-duty, and more, industrial workbenches are versatile equipment for companies and laboratories alike. 

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