Troubleshooting Touch Screen Issues in HP laptop

  • HP is famous for its great quality laptops, desktops or printers. They are preferred over other brands due to their quality and works best because of the technologically advanced features. HP laptops perform better and have a great battery life. If you are using an HP laptop, you will not regret using it except when you encounter some issues.


    There can be some issues with the touchscreen of the laptop which can be solved if you apply proper technical knowledge. Here is a list of common touchscreen issues with HP laptop:


    • It is not working.
    • The problem in adjusting the settings.
    • The touchscreen is blank or black.
    • It is responding very slowly.
    • The images on the screen are unclear.
    • There are some lines on the screen of the laptop.


    At HP Support, we are providing support services for all such issues and many more. The issues can be critical as they are related to the main screen of the laptop. We have mentioned some steps below which can be helpful while facing touchscreen issues:


    • Use windows troubleshooting for all the hardware and devices of your computer as this tool will easily detect the issue with the touchscreen and will fix it as well.
    • Calibrating the touchscreen can also help you in solving the issues with it. In the system settings, under the display option, use the calibrate option and check if the issue has been resolved.
    • You can try solving the issues with the touch screen by disabling and re-enabling it once. It is a very basic step and will not necessarily solve the issue.
    • Update all the HP drivers for your printer as it can somewhat improve the situation in case if the driver is faulty.


    HP Phone Support is just a call away and it will not take any time for you to convey your issue to us. For any technical guidance, we have a large number of employees which are working to provide support for HP laptops. Not only the touchscreen issues, we can solve a variety of issues for you liked finding the driver for your laptop, issues with the operating system etc.


    If you need any queries to be resolved related to HP laptops, our HP Tech Support can be very helpful. You can contact us anytime and we make sure that your problem is resolved at just one call. No need to search for other sources to get the issue resolved if it is related to HP laptop we can fix it. The technical team has all the experience and knowledge required to search for the root cause of any issue and the apt solution for it.


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