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Everything You Need to Know About the Original X-Pression Braid

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    X-Pression is a world-renowned masterpiece that's been the #1 preferred braiding hair brand by elite braiders worldwide. The original Xpression Braiding Hair collection was intended to be smoother to the touch, more robust, durable, and was created with the greatest selection of premium synthetic fibers. The hair is still known for its outstanding braiding and styling ability to this day.

    Whether you want to style your hair with unique, colorful colors, PreStretched Braiding Hair,

    or Senegalese Twists in exceptionally long lengths, the styling options with X-Pression are nearly unlimited.

    Don't be deceived by imitators; the X-Pression braid provided by Prestretched Braiding Hair, Xpression Braiding Hair is the genuine, authentic brand that braid enthusiasts all over the world trust.

    What is Pre-stretched hair

    Pre-stretched hair is created by stretching the strands of hair so that the ends of the hair bundle are not blunt, but rather tapered, as seen in most braided designs. Pre-stretched hair is a gift for every hairstylist worldwide.

    Is pre-stretched braiding hair good

    Pre-stretched braiding hair is used by all expert braiders since it reduces braiding time. This means they can now accommodate more consumers without having to spend additional time physically stretching the braiding hair.

    Is it possible to achieve the same immaculate final look with non pre-stretched hair? You certainly can, but you'll have to stretch the hair manually yourself in that case.

    Stretching the hair thins the bundles out, leading customers to feel they are getting less hair than the non-stretched choice, when in fact the pre-stretched hair weighs the same as the non-stretched hair.


    For all the good reasons, X-Pression braiding hair is one of the most popular products available. You receive a pack of pre-stretched braiding hair that's quite soft, will not really shed all over the place, and won't bother your scalp for just over $5 (Such a great deal! Isn’t it?).