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Exploring Different Genres Within Literature, From The Nineteen

  • The following is a short rundown on the numerous approaches to the novel, from modernism to realism.

    The most famous works of literary modernism will be found in any self-respecting book shop, with a few of them being among the best books of all time-- however exactly what was modernism? Essentially, this was a bold response to the status quo of not only literature, but also art in general. A crucial emphasis within the literary framework of modernism was the focus on structural innovation; from absences of punctuation to narrative structure-- all of a sudden everything was up for grabs for revolutionary novelists seeking to make art 'new'. Modernist authors were cosmopolitan in their influences, equally inspired by symbolist poetry as they were by cubist painting. The hedge fund which owns Waterstones would undoubtedly acknowledge the appeal of the classic books of the 20th century, as would the company that owns AbeBooks.

    Fiction went through tremendous change throughout the 20th century. After the seismic innovations of the 1st couple of years, numerous sub-genres emerged, from dystopian fiction to absurdism. Historical fiction, now an incredibly popular approach to the artform, increased in popularity thanks to the large level of research that novelists put into their books, allowing readers to really immerse themselves in ancient times. Magical realism on the other hand, had a substantial influence on the latter half of the 20th century, offering a few of the best modern books of all time; this was a movement within the literary arts that first effectively arose in South America, where writers used realist and modernist literary techniques but incorporated certain magical components to otherwise realistically possible stories. Definitely, one of the major shareholders of WHSmith recognises the importance of providing a variety of fiction for instance.

    Writing from the 19th century is still extremely popular to this day. Just why is this the case then? Besides the quality of the writing, the themes of a few of the greatest books of all time often have a universal aspect to them, and literary books from the 1800s are no different; novelists from that time would concentrate on the development of the modern-day world, conflicting social attitudes and the battle of personal freedom-- problems that readers today can undoubtedly connect to. This was the century when the novel considerably gained in prominence, with a variety of a few of the most famous writers of all time from nations such as England, France, Russia and the U.S.A. publishing timeless works of literature. The literary landscape of the 1800s was incredibly varied; the romanticism widespread throughout literature undoubtedly had a huge impact on the fiction of the first few decades of the age, but by the 1850s, literary realism had actually become the de facto approach to the artform. This was a type of literature that aimed to properly depict characters and settings in a far more separated and unbiased style than in times previous; through unflinching presentation, much deeper analysis could be made of crucial modern concerns connected with a book's plotline.

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