MapleStory M Mesos: How to Acquire Fever Buff

  • The construct I am following says that my STR and DEX should just be at 4 points. But even before I added the additional point, they were already at 5. Did I mess up before I even started? Maplestory mobile mesos build also says that I should have put points into magician abilities at levels 8 and 9, but I did not come to be a magician until level 10. I'm hoping I did not mess that up also.

    I apologize for not knowing anything, but I really don't want to mess up my own first character. This late in the match, I wouldn't say impossible but it would be very hard.

    (Because it seems you're new to the game, I will clarify the coins I'm speaking about are not Maplestory2 Mesos in case you did not understand. The Anniversary coins are earned through mostly events by leaves or now but leaves have stopped dropping from critters so the only method is to buy them and they cost roughly 15k or so per foliage and you want 100 of them for 1 coin, how to buy maplestory m mesos which is more than you could likely afford right now.)

    I could not be certain what you did there to find both at 5 but unless you also accidentally put 1 point in DEX, then I am afraid you didn't mess up. Next time, you can click the green Car Assign button and it will automatically put all your points in INT.

    I think you might be taking a look at an old manual as things have changed so that individuals seeking to become magicians become one at level 10 like the rest of the tasks and Max MP Increase and MP Retrieval are no longer maplestory2 skills. I recommend looking for a previous manual maybe approximately year 2014+.

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