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You can study the power nap how at PowerNap. Memory enhancement, higher cognitive performance, and greater logical reasoning are all potential health benefits of power naps. However, napping for an extended period might disrupt a person's circadian cycles, resulting in greater weariness. There is no such thing as an ideal time for a power nap. Individual considerations, such as a person's schedule, will determine the best time. Naps after 4 p.m. are not recommended for individuals who work during the day. Taking a nap too late in the day might disrupt a person's circadian cycles and make it difficult to obtain a good night's sleep. The optimal time for a power nap maybe sooner or later for shift workers or those who work nights. Regular power naps have several health benefits, including improved long-term memory Trusted Source, improved cognitive function Trusted Source and increased creativity. Naps have also been shown to be beneficial to heart health in studies. In a recent case study, Swiss people who took 1–2 naps per week were observed. It was discovered that these same people had a decreased risk of heart disease and stroke during 8 years than those who didn't nap.

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