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Will a New Air Filter Improve Engine Performance?

A dirty car air filter is so much like a clogged nose – it makes breathing difficult. If you’ve read our blog post on the Will a New Air Filter Improve Engine Performance, you’ll know that an air filter significantly affects how your car engine runs. Bad air filters can negatively impact fuel economy and even damage spark plugs or other internal components. This is because clogged up filters prevent clean air from reaching the engine which makes it harder for your engine to efficiently burn fuel.

When the air filter is near the end of its life, you may notice a very strong fuel smell or an odd sound when you start your car or step on the brakes.

If you’re interested in buying an air filter online to save time and money, we’ve put together an article which outlines how to find reputable retailers for car parts online and how to avoid getting scammed when you buy parts.

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