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PVC hose can be used in many fields to transport water and oil. Sand pumping can be said to be used in agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, by-products and fishing.

It is well known that the quality of steel wire in hoses, which plays a decisive role in PVC hose, determines the compressive resistance and weatherability of hoses. High temperature resistant plastic hose has the characteristics of pressure resistance, abrasion resistance and the like. high temperature resistant plastic hose is widely used and has become the "darling" of more and more people. high temperature resistant plastic hose is the best substitute for PVC rubber and conductive hose.

High temperature resistant plastic hose is widely used in irrigation, mining, oil depot, sand blasting, food, medicine and indoor gas, powder, dust emission and absorption in other fields. The use of transparent hose is also very much now, and the value brought by such pipes is very high when they are used, and there are also many uses.

In the production process, high-quality PVC materials are used. Such materials are of good performance. The use of pipes also has a good anti-static effect.

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