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PVC garden pipe, as a basic plastic pipe used in industry, can promote and ensure the smooth progress of production activities in all walks of life, and needs to be well maintained during the use of products. Today, I would like to give you a brief explanation and introduction on the maintenance skills of PVC garden pipe products. Here is a brief understanding.

1. Regular cleaning is required for the use of the product to ensure that warm water is used for cleaning during the cleaning process. Overheated or supercooled water cannot be used for Photographic processing to avoid problems such as deformation and burst of hoses. At the same time, the product cannot be installed immediately after cleaning. After cleaning, it should be put in a ventilated place to dry the Dry before installation.

2. Regularly check the basic ventilation and air leakage of the products to avoid the problems that the air vent is blocked and cannot absorb dust or the working pressure cannot meet the needs of production activities. For blocking phenomenon, timely poking is required to ensure normal use.

3. In the process of product use, clean storage should be done to avoid hidden dangers of product quality and safety, and at the same time to ensure and maintain the smooth progress of basic production activities of enterprises and save costs.

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