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Do you know the daily usage of garden hose?

1. Connect the hose. When the fire hose is equipped with hose, it should be padded with a layer of soft protective material and then tightened with galvanized wire or hose clamp.

2. Use hose. When using the fire hose, the high pressure hose should be connected near the water pump. After irrigation, the hose shall be prevented from twisting or bending suddenly, and the hose interface shall be prevented from collision and damage.

3. Lay water hose. When laying water belts, sharp objects and various oils should be avoided. Hose hooks shall be used when laying hose vertically upward. When laying water belts on major traffic roads, water belt bridges should be filled. When crossing the railway, the water belt should be crossed under the railway to avoid damage to the water belt by wheels and intermittent water supply.

4. Prevent icing. In the severe winter season, when the fire fighting site needs to suspend water supply, in order to prevent the water zone from freezing, the water pump needs to run slowly and keep a small amount of water output.

5. Hose cleaning, use after water, to clean, conveyor belt must be carefully cleaned, foam protection. In order to remove grease from the water belt, it can be washed with warm water or soap. Frozen water belts shall be melted first, then dry and non-dry water belts shall be cleaned and shall not be rolled up for storage.

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