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How To Evaluate: LED Light Chain These 2 Indicators?

CD (candela) the basic unit of luminous intensity. Candela is one of the basic units of the international system of units.

Different colors of LED chains have different light intensity, commonly used unit is MCD, or millikandra. The higher the value, the more luminous intensity, which means the brighter. This is an important indicator to evaluate the
brightness of LED light chain. The higher the brightness requirement, the more expensive the light chain is. This is because high-brightness LED chips are expensive, and the higher the brightness, the more difficult packaging.

The luminous Angle of the led element on the led light chain, the general SMD led, namely, the luminous Angle of the SMD element is 120 degrees. The higher the luminous Angle, the better the astigmatism effect, but relatively, the
luminance of its luminescence is correspondingly reduced. Luminous Angle is small, the intensity of light is up, but the scope of the irradiation will be reduced. Therefore, another important indicator to evaluate the LED light chain
is the luminous Angle. There are a few undesirable manufacturer on the market, in order to raise the brightness that give off light to earn higher profit, reduce luminous Angle intentionally, have a little carelessly, can buy such
shoddy component.

Ninghai haohua company is a design and production of various LED chain manufacturers. LED Light Chain
products complete specifications, beautiful style. The products are exported to Europe, America, Australia and other countries and regions.

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