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Home Decor LED Chandelier: 8 Big Advantages

Droplight is a kind of very old interior adornment USES floodlight, till now, no matter be in the world why to plant a corner, why to plant an occasion, of droplight is the wonderful ornament in the space. Below LED Decorative Light Manufacturer
to introduce the advantages of LED chandeliers.

1. Low power consumption, durable and durable

LED lamp power consumption is less than one third of the traditional fluorescent lamp, life is 10 times of the traditional fluorescent lamp, can be used for a long time without replacement, reducing labor costs. More suitable for difficult to replace the occasion.

2. Green lighting protects the environment

Conventional lamps contain large amounts of mercury vapor, which can evaporate into the atmosphere if broken. But LED lights don't use mercury at all, and LED products don't contain lead, protecting the environment. LED lights are recognized as the green lighting of the 21st century.

3, do not twinkle, care for the eyes

Conventional lamps use alternating current, so they produce between 100 and 120 stroboscopic flashes per second. LED lamp is to convert alternating current directly to direct current, without flashing phenomenon, protecting the eyes.

4, no noise, quiet choice

LED lamps will not produce noise, which is a good choice for the use of precision electronic instruments. Suitable for library, office and so on.

5, no ultraviolet rays, mosquitoes do not love

LED lamps do not produce ultraviolet light, so they do not have a lot of mosquitoes around the source, as traditional lamps do. The interior will be cleaner and cleaner.

6. Efficient conversion and energy saving

Traditional lamps generate a lot of heat energy, while LED lamps convert all electric energy into light energy, which will not cause energy waste. And documents, clothing will not fade.

7. Adjust brightness without fear of voltage

Conventional fluorescent lamps are lit by the high voltage released by the rectifier, but not when the voltage drops. LED lamps can be lit within a certain range of voltage, and can also adjust the brightness.

8, firm and reliable, long - term use

The LED lamp body itself is made of epoxy resin rather than traditional glass, which is stronger and stronger. Even if it hits the floor, the LED will not be easily damaged, so it can be used with confidence.

Many consumers are now more willing to buy LED chandeliers for three reasons:

For one thing, LED chandeliers are more decorative than simple lighting.

Second, the choice of large, the market chandelier brand, style emerge in endlessly, design ingenuity alone;

Its 3, repair maintenance is very simple, need to replace lamp holder illuminant only can.

According to the manufacturer of LED decorative lights, good lighting design can bring residents a safer and more comfortable living experience, make the room and occupants look more beautiful, and even add zest and fun to life. LED chandeliers are popular with consumers due to their varied styles and creative details, making them the dark horse in the home lighting market. As LED lamp technology matures, more and more families are using LED chandeliers.

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