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LED Craft Light - LED Meteor Lights

LED Craft Light introduction: LED meteor lamp uses high-quality hard PCB circuit board, high-brightness and high-quality LED, and contains integrated circuit program to make the light like a meteor, the light is natural and smooth.
Protected by acrylic shell, it is environmentally friendly and waterproof, and its waterproof rating is IP65. The LED Meteor Light, also known as the "LED Meteor Tube", is an outdoor landscape decorative light that is suitable for
hanging on branches, under the eaves and on any object that can be hung, replacing traditional rice ice strip lights and LED ice strip lights. Meteor shower lights are easy to install, waterproof, bright, and flickering like a meteor in the night sky. It can be connected according to the environment, and the flicker effect can be set according to your requirements; the color is white. This is a new type of engineering lighting product, which is like a meteor change, the light is natural and smooth, the external acrylic shell is protected, and it is environmentally friendly and waterproof.

  Widely used in bars, disc bars, hotel halls, garden squares, pedestrian streets, courtyards, dance halls, parks, roads, stairs, gardens, for buildings, shopping malls, hair salons, etc., no need to install.

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