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What makes Sydney Harbour Lunch & Dinner Cruises so special?

Being surrounded by national parks, historic sites and kilometres
of shoreline makes Sydney Harbour the best place to spend your eventful days down under. The emerald city is known for its architectural marvels such as the Opera House, and a splendid natural Harbour that’s also a playground for cruising, swimming, and diving.

The well renowned lunch and dinner cruises of Sydney Harbour puts the city on the map of best cruising cities around the globe: the quality of food and beverages that are served, state-of-the-art cruising vessels, exemplary services, and luxury amenities are some of the reasons why.

Ever since the day of its inception, Sydney Harbour has seen impulsive changes till date. Its growth from a silent harbour to an eventful hub of cruising in a very short time is increasing the demand and popularity of dinner and lunch cruises as an alternative tourism activity.

Waterfront Restaurants were the thing back in the day and they ensured a great view of the harbour alongside the delectable food and beverages that were served. Lunch and dinner Cruises reworked on the same concept and improved the model by providing its customers stunning, roving views of the Sydney Harbour alongside the catering that is on par with the former. The different kinds of vessels and a wide range of cruising packages made cruise dining appeal to a wider range of customer bases. Cruising thus became an integral part of the Sydney experience, both for tourists and sydneysiders alike.

From smaller vessels to million-dollar Catamarans to Glassboats and a few boats from yesteryears, the beautiful harbour is studded with amazing vessels that offer its customers spectacular views of the harbour during their Sydney Harbour lunch or dinner cruise. The world-famous Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge can be viewed from up close on almost all harbour cruises.

One of the most crowd-favourite cruises on Sydney Harbour is the budget-friendly package that features an unlimited buffet and select drinks, and it is for a reason. When a cruise offers you stunning sights, good food and beverages for the duration of the cruise, you would think twice before planning a night out with close friends/family. Roving views of the Harbour is something no place on land could boast about. Add to this all the stunning photo opportunities a cruise offers and you have a deal that’s hard to pass up!

Any Sydney Harbour cruise: be it lunch, dinner or a sightseeing cruise, is worth every penny. Make sure you go on one when you have the chance!

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