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Hewlett Packard (HP) is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of personal computers, printers and document management machines. It is also one of the world’s forerunners in information technology engaged in data storage and networking hardware as well as designing software and related services. Hewlett Packard case studies should discuss HPs humble beginnings and its evolution into one of today’s leaders in information technology.

Hewlett Packard case studies should start with a brief discussion about the beginnings of HP and its development into major corporation that we know it as today. The company was started in 1947 in a garage by two Stanford University electrical engineering students, Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard. With an initial capital of only $538, their first financial success came with the development of a precision audio oscillator, the HP200A. Hewlett Packard case studies should also mention that one of their first customers was the Walt Disney Company, which purchased 8 oscillators that were used in theaters for the movie "Fantasia". Hewlett Packard case studies should then list some of HP's innovations such as the use of a small incandescent lamp or a pilot lamp, as a resistor in a circuit. Hewlett Packard case studies should also discuss the company’s contributions to the design and manufacture semiconductors, which gave the company the honor of being symbolically known as the founder of Silicon Valley. Finally, Hewlett Packard case studies should discuss the company’s corporate governance and its present marketing strategies.

To make sure that you write quality Hewlett Packard case studies, you should first consult reliable sources on Hewlett Packard as well as read some examples of Hewlett Packard case studies from to in order to obtain more knowledge about the company. In addition, by reading and using examples of business case studies as guidelines for your Hewlett Packard case study such as Texas Instruments case studies, case studies on the Target Corporation, and IBM case studies you will learn about the different components to discuss in a case study.