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Hydraulic Motor Manufacturers : Hydraulic Motor Minimum Stable Speed Range

The Hydraulic Motor manufacturers states that the minimum stable speed is the minimum operating speed at which the hydraulic motor does not creep when it is rated. In engineering use, of course, the minimum stable speed of the hydraulic motor is required to be as small as possible. It not only reflects the stability of the motor under low speed conditions, but also expands the range of use of the hydraulic motor.

The hydraulic motor with different types and structures produced in China has the lowest stable speed:

Multi-action inner curve motor 0.1~1r/min;
Crankshaft connecting rod motor 2~3r/min;
Static pressure balance motor 2~3r/min;
Planetary internal meshing cycloidal rotor motor 2~3r/min;
Axial piston motor generally 30 ~ 50r / min (individual structure up to 1.5 ~ 5r / min);
High speed blade motor 50~100r/min;
Low-speed high-torque vane motor 4~6r/min;
High-speed gear motor 200 ~ 300r / min (individual structure up to 50-150r / min).

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