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Acrylic aquarium ecological fish farming, acrylic aquarium is much more convenient than traditional fish farming, acrylic aquarium is easy to take care of. Moreover, it is more ornamental in shape. Nowadays, acrylic aquarium fish culture is the main method, and few people use some traditional fish culture methods.

How to make an acrylic aquarium with good quality?

The box body is made of flat 0.8cm flat glass with good transparency and no deformation. According to the design drawing, one piece of bottom surface, two pieces of side surfaces with the same area, two pieces of front and back surfaces with the same area, and several pieces of glass strips with the length equivalent to the length and width of the box body and the width of 3-4cm (for additional reinforcement) are prepared.

Before bonding the glass, polish the edge of the glass straight with sandpaper and wipe it thoroughly with dry cloth. When bonding glass, first squeeze a glass adhesive tape on one of the two pieces of glass to be bonded, then put the other piece of glass on top of it, and tightly bond the glasses with appropriate strength. After 2 hours after the aquarium is glued, carefully check whether each joint is evenly coated with glue. If the coating is not enough, repair it, and drag it along the joint with your fingers for 1 time. Pay special attention to the parts where 3 pieces of glass are connected at the four corners of the bottom surface.

One day after the aquarium is ready, try to slowly inject clean water into the aquarium to check for water leakage. Due to poor adhesion, water leakage is usually not obvious. Dry napkin can be used to detect leakage at the joint outside the box. If leakage is found, mark it properly and drain the water before mending the leak.

Note: Trapping can only be done when the cabinet is dry and the gluing effect is not good outside the cabinet. When the aquarium is full of water, it is better not to pour water by tilting the tank, but to drain water by pumping, scooping and other methods without moving the aquarium, so as to reduce the expansion of leakage area caused by uneven stress on the tank.

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