What Do You Know About The China Passenger Elevator?

  • The motor l stator and rotor temperature rise does not exceed 25 ° C. Stator and rotor clearance 1 mm. L Axial movement of the motor is not more than 3 mm. L bearing temperature does not exceed 80 ° C. L The rated voltage fluctuates within ± 7% L No-load current in the motor phase and the three-phase average deviation of not more than 10% of the average. L Traction motor amplitude and axial movement allowable value: amplitude allowable value: 1000 r / min: ≤ 0.13 mm. 750 rpm: ≤ 0.16 mm. Axial run: 10kw: 0.5mm. 10-20kw: 0.74mm. 30kw or more: 1.0mm. Fourth, the brake was electric brake immediately l, immediately brake power loss. L The electromagnetic force should be L When the brake is released, the gap between the brake and the brake wheel should be 0.3 ~ 0.5mm and not more Than 0.7mm. L brake coil normal temperature rise below 60 °C, the maximum does not exceed 85 °C. The brake shaft lock wear should be replaced if it exceeds 5% of the original diameter or the ellipticity exceeds 0.5mm. L brake tiles wear the original thickness of 1/4 should be replaced. Fifth, the traction wheel l material requirements L rope groove type: (1) semi-circular groove: the friction coefficient is small, for the whole-winding China Passenger Elevator  . The wrap angle is greater than 330 °. (2) semi-circular groove cutting speed: friction is moderate, for half-winding elevator. Package angle should be greater than 135 °. (3) V-groove: friction, not commonly used, and sometimes used in the cargo elevator.