what Are The Styles Of The Villa Elevator?


    Elevator Lift  offer you a simple and easy way of moving safely between the floors of your home with our unique residential elevator. Considered a practical and attractive alternative to a Elevator Lift , a Elevator Lift keeps you living independently in the home you love without The need to move house. whether you live in a town home, modern colonial or waterfront condo, our residential elevators can be installed in just one day in virtually any two-story home in the USA.
    Non-contained motor and run from a 220v outlet or a 110v outlet with a simple step-up transformer. The shaft- Less lifts travel 'through the floor' on self-supporting dual rails and include all the safety features you would expect from a product – even during a power outage – which has been engineered to the highest standards.
    Typically, it takes just 30 seconds to move between floors in one of our Elevator Lift which are whisper quiet and are very useful for carrying heavy luggage, laundry or even the family pet too! Our residential elevators provide homeowners with a great way of 'future -proofing' their house and can add value to your home.